CNI News

21 February 2024

The trucks that were being stuck in Kyin San Kyawt, China-Myanmar border trade gate have been allowed to take out, according to truck drivers. 

Trucks that were used in  the border trade were stuck in Kyin San Kyawt by the hundred due to the battles between the Tatmadaw and the Three Brotherhood Alliance in northern Shan State in October, 2023.

The Kokang force has allowed the owners to take out their trucks at present and the truck are being taking out from Lweje and Kan Pite Tee border trade gates in Kachin State through Chinese territory. It cost owners from 50 to 70 lakh kyats if they took out one of their trucks, Ko Thitsar, a truck owner, told CNI News.

" It's convenient. In fact, we have to hire an agent from the Chinese side and then we have to drive to Lweje. Although Kokang force allows to take out the trucks, because we have to drive through the Chinese territory, we have to pay the tax to China. You have to pay from 50 to 70 lakh kyats to take your truck to Kan Pite Tee." he said.

When taking out trucks loaded with imported goods, first the trucks are driven to Muse and the goods are put in the warehouses there. And then the trucks are driven back to the Chinese side and the trucks are to be taken out from Lweje after passing the Chinese territory reportedly.

Trucks that enter from the border

There were about 500 trucks that were stuck in Kyin San Kyawt and on the Chinese side. But now there are only about 50 percent of trucks left to take out, Ko Kyaw Aung, a truck driver, told CNI News.

" We have to wait for our trucks from Kan Pite Tee and Lweje. We have to pay about 70 lakh kyats to take our truck there. There are Chinese agents that provide service to drive and send it to us. But there are no goods in the truck. The trucks that were stuck on the Chinese side and the ones that were stuck in 105 Mile camp - a total of trucks that were stuck are between 300 and 500. Half of them are left to take out." he said.

However, some truck owners are finding it difficult because the traders don't take responsibility to take out the trucks loaded with import goods reportedly.

Due to the battles in northern Shan State during the Operation-1027 by the Three Brotherhood Alliance, over 100 trucks that were stuck in Kyin San Kyawt were burnt and lost.