CNI News

21 February 2024

Myanmar people should be careful because Thai PM Srettha has said that Myanmar people who would come illegally to Thailand would be taken action against, those helping in the affairs of Myanmar workers said.

If Myanmar citizens came to Thailand legally, they would be welcome and if they came illegally, they would be taken action against and regarding it, negotiations had been conducted with security agencies, said Srettha.

Although those who came to Thailand were taken action against since before, because Thai PM expressed like that, the checks probably would be tightened in the border areas, U Min Oo, in charge of labor affairs from the Foundation for Education and Development (FED), told CNI News.

While Myanmar citizens who illegally entered Thailand have been arrested

"The reason why Thai PM said like that is they seem to be worried that there will be a shortage of jobs for their citizens. If the workers who will enter work by all means, they are worried that their citizens will face a short of jobs. The current jobless rate of Thailand is just one percent. According to their law, the jobs that migrant workers will have to do have been designated. Myanmar workers are not allowed to do the jobs of most Thai citizens. But I was surprised a bit because Thai PM said like that." he said.

At a time when visa applications to leave for Thailand are on the rise obviously after the People's Military Service Law that was approved, Thai PM has warned. 

Although the Pheu Thai Party and the Thai government prioritize the economy, he was also addressing the concern that Myanmar migrant workers would rob the job opportunities of Thai citizens, Thai PM added.

Although Myanmar workers entered Thailand legally or illegally since the previous period of political stability in Myanmar, there was more illegal entry by Myanmar nationals after the political changes in Myanmar in 2021, those who are helping in the affairs of migrant workers, said.

While seeing a Thai security force that is monitoring the Myanmar border

After the mandator military service law was approved in Myanmar, illegal entry may increase more than before, they said.

"There may be more security measures at the borders because Thai PM expressed has warned. Checks can be conducted strictly. You can do processes to help young people there and participate in the Spring Revolution. Otherwise if you try to enter Thailand illegally, you will be inspected at the border checkpoints and your dignity will be affected. Young people need to think carefully about how to choose the best one." said U Moe Kyaw, associate general secretary of the Yaung Gyi Oo Labor Organization to CNI News.

Although Thailand still needs labor force from neighboring countries, legal procedures must be followed, said Thai PM. 

Currently, there has been an increase in the number of Myanmar people who is entering Thailand illegally and there are daily arrests. However, several hundreds of Myanmar people are waiting in line to get visas at the Thai Embassy in Yangon.

Moreover, centers for supporting humanitarian aids to refugees from Myanmar will be open in Kayin State and Maesot within one months by cooperation between Thailand and Myanmar,  said Thai FM.