CNI News

20 February 2024

The authorities concerned should find an answer to the reason why the people are worried about the people's military service law that has been approved, politicians pointed out. 

The People's Military Service Law that was imposed in 2010 by the State Law and Order Restoration Council as Law No.27/2010 must come into effect starting from February 2024, the State Administration Council stated.

It would take a long time to implement the law and because the law was stated at a time like that, the people were worried about it, Naing Than Shwe, spokesperson of the Mon Unity Party (MUP), told CNI News.

" The people are so worried about the military service law. But I don't think it has been implemented for the time being because it can't be implemented at once. If it is implemented gradually in accordance with the rules and regulations, it will take a bit long. But it has been stated suddenly, the people are worried so much." he said.

According to the mandatory military service law, men aged 18 to 35 and women aged 18 to 27 must perform the military service for up to two years and specialists such as doctors aged 18 to 45 must serve for three years.

While seeing troops of Myanmar Tatmadaw

Non-Burman ethnic youths are making preparations to join their EAOs and Burman youths are also making preparations to join the revolutionary forces. At the same time, some youths are making preparations to go abroad.

All young men who could serve in the military would not be called up and forced to serve in the military; there was nothing to worry, U Li Paw Reh, chairman of the Lisu National Development Party (Dulei Party) told CNI News.

" They are worried because they don't know about it thoroughly. In fact, there's nothing to worry. 5000 people only will be called at one time as recruits. Only 18 people will be called up in one township. All the 13 million young people eligible to do military service won't be called up. Not much to worry about. But due to media and agitations, the public is frightened. People who actually understand it or those who can think it over won't be worried." he said.

Not every youth who was covered by the people's military service law would be recruited, Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, leader of the Information Team of the SAC, said on 14th February 2024.

" Here what I want to tell you firmly about the people's military service law and the reserve force law is that not everyone that applies to the law will be called up. There is no reason to do so. As the Prime Minister, he had explained these issues with special emphasis during his meeting with political parties," he said.

The People's Military Service Law that was approved on 10th February 2024 will be implemented in late April, 2024 and 5,000 people will be called up for the Training Course No.1 reportedly.