CNI News
23 September 2023

 There are reviews and discussions among the people who are performing peace process and political circles how to control the weapons that have been spreading among the public at the time when a period of stability comes after the end of the conflict.

At present, armed conflicts are breaking out across the country and a lot of weapons are entering the country. It was not easy to disarm the weapons spreading among the public and leaders of the two competitive organizations were responsible, said U Li Paw Reh, chairman of the Lisu National Development Party (Dulei Party), to CNI News.  

" In my opinion, it will take some time to end the domestic conflict. Whether either side wins or loses, `the conflict won't stop as long as weapons are in the hands of many people. To tell you frankly, it is easy to make money by using weapon. It is not easy to disarm weapons. It depends on the leaders of the armed organizations including the Tatmadaw. If they really love the country, they will choose the best way."he said.


Some of the weapons and ammunition seized in Sagaing Region

If the weapons were not able to be controlled, the people would be always worried and murders and thefts will increase, he added. After the country was reconstructed, the first thing to do was to disarm and that matter needed to be carried out seriously, said Dr.Aung Myo, a Myanmar political analyst, to CNI News.

" It's not too strange. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, criminal gangs arose. In the same way,  if the weapons are not able to be controlled in a country like ours after the wars, criminal gangs will use these weapons. This is a common symptom in every country. We just need to carry out to disarm vigorously. It's not too much to worry about." said Dr.Aung Myo.

Not only in the border areas of Burma, but also in the mainland areas where there was no armed conflict in the past, battles have been breaking out and  weapons and ammunitions have already arrived there. With the abundance of weapons and ammunition, thefts, robberies and killings have been taking place and the people are worried about their security.

Six gunmen robbed a house in Inn Phyat Street, Htan Daw Ward, Monywa, Sagaing Region and killed a pregnant woman who was three days away from giving birth on 10th August.