CNI News

23 Nov 2022

As Tamu in Sagaing Region is short of fuel supply, local residents have to make long queues at filling stations, according to local residents.

Fuel supply has been disrupted by difficulties for transportation for ten days, Ko Nyein Chan, a local resident of Tamu, told the CNI.

He said, "It is difficult to buy fuel in Tamu at present. Almost all filling stations have run out of fuel. Only one filling station is still selling fuel. So, everyone has to queue at the filling station. fuel supply to other filling stations have been disrupted. It has been about ten days since the fuel shortage started. It is difficult to buy fuel in Tamu."

The shortage also pushed up fuel prices, which rose from MMK 4,500 per gallon for Octane 92 to more than MMK 20,000 per gallon, Ko Khant Thu, another local resident, told the CNI.

An archway to Tamu.

He said, "In the past, we paid MMK 4,500 per gallon for Octane 92. The prices of Octane 92 have risen to MMK 22,500 per gallon. The prices of Octane 95 rose from MMK 5,000 to MMK 27,000."

Tamu is located in the border area with India but the south Asian country has shut down its borders recently at the moment.

Residents have faced transportation problems and high commodity prices due to the fuel shortage, Ko Nyein Chan told the CNI.

He said, "Commodity prices have also risen. Residents can't even buy eggs because of commodity shortages. We have to buy commodities which are not produced in our area from other areas. We are facing shortages of commodities that are not produced in our areas."

Local People's Defence Forces have warned against using the Kalay-Tamu road since 12th November due to military tensions and road closure was extended for another week on 20th November again.