CNI News

25 Nov 2022

Although news has spread that exports of corn grown as one of the opium substitute crops to China would be permitted until December, it is still possible for exporters to continue export corn to companies approved by China through other means, according to Myanmar Corn Industrial Association.

Although the opium-substitute corn import target of China has met the target, corn can be exported to China through other means. As a result, the dateline will not no impact on the corn export prices and the border trade will continue to thrive, Vice Chairman U Thant Zin Tun of the MCIA told the CNI.  

An opium plantation.

He said, "China will stop importing corn from Myanmar as an opium-substitute crop but Myanmar can still export corn to China under the GACC , which allow imports of corn that meets the standards of the Chinese Customs."

China is importing opium-substitute crops from the border regions by setting targets  annually but it announced that it would import the crop until December, according to a corn trader in Shan State.