CNI News

17 June 2024

Because there was an abundance of migrant workers on the Thai-Myanmar border, the Thai employers didn't want to raise wages or salaries, those who are carrying out for the affairs of migrant workers, told CNI News. 

The number of migrant workers has increased by two times than before on the Thai-Myanmar border. 

If the workplace and the number of workers were compared, as the number of workers was more, the Thai employers didn't want to raise wages and salaries, U Moe Kyaw, associate secretary of the Yaung Chi Oo Workers Organization, told CNI News.

" The Thai government has said that it would raise wages and salaries. The Thai trade unions are demanding to raise wages and salaries. It is being discussed at the parliament. But employers on the border don't want to raise wages and salaries because the number of workers is very large." he said.

Myanmar workers who have arrived in the Labor Registration Office in Samut Sakhon District, Thailand (Photo-EPA)

The reason why there has been a sharp increase in the number of workers on the border is because so many people have entered Thailand for many reasons. 

So, financial scandals have arisen because the workers have to make documents for residence permits and security cases.

The reports that migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have to go to the border to renew their visas and work permit in February, 2025 have come out, according to the people performing the affairs of migrant workers.

If they must renew like that, workers and worker organizations should demand to renew on the Thai side, U Aung Kyaw from the Labor Rights Foundation, told CNI News.

While a Myanmar worker in a factory in Pathum Thani City, Thailand was recorded in 2018 (photo- AFP)

" We have always demanded to provide service for all the documents within Thailand only. But if they have to renew their documents on the border, because they will no danger to their lives or other troubles rather than going to their native country to renew, it won't affect in a big way." he said.

After the Thai government approved to issue the Thai pink ID cards to undocumented foreigners, an operation that will last four months is being planned by the Thai government to arrest undocumented foreigners.

So, undocumented people should travel and work with care and should try to get the Thai pink ID cards, suggested the people helping migrant workers.