CNI News

17 June 2024

Because ethnic armed organizations and the Myanmar Tatmadaw are making more military preparations in northern Shan State, locals are worried that battles will resume. 
Battles may resume in northern Shan State and the locals who could afford have fled to safety, a resident of Kyaukme, told CNI News.

" Political and military situations are not good in northern Shan State. Battles can resume. Those who could flee have fled to safety. Those who couldn't flee have to be living in fear. Moreover, locals suffer from higher commodity price." he said.

The Myanmar Tatmadaw is reinforcing forces in northern Shan State and at the same time, the Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF/TNLA) is making preparations for the military affairs reportedly.

While seeing the TNLA

If the TNLA launched an offensive against the Myanmar Tatmadaw, the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) probably would join the TNLA and the Myanmar Tatmadaw would be on the defensive condition, a Myanmar political analyst, told CNI News.

" The Myanmar Tatmadaw just can respond as a defensive action. We heard the Tatmadaw is making preparations for offensive, but we have never seen it. The TNLA may launch an offensive and then, the MNDAA might join the TNLA. To tell you the truth, battles can resume. " he said.

Because armed conflicts are breaking out across the country, the public was receiving just a little assistance, battles might resume at any time, said a resident of Kyaukme. 

While seeing the MNDAA

" If they are in trouble, they can't even save each other. when the IDPs came to our region by the thousand, we helped them with food and other things. When our urban areas are unstable, where shall we flee to? When the people from rural areas run towards cities, they have things to depend. Because battles can break out at any time, we find it difficult." he said.

The TNLA and the MNDAA were able to capture many townships in northern Shan State during Operation-1027 that was started on 27th October, 2023 by the Three Brotherhood Alliance.

At the China's mediation, the Haigen ceasefire agreement was reached and then a ceasefire arose in northern Shan State. However, military tensions between the two sides have increased. 

At present, the TNLA is approaching towards Lashio City with a lot of forces and the Myanmar Tatmadaw also excavated the Mandalay-Namtu road and cut the transportation reportedly.