CNI News

13 June 2024

The Myitkyina-Putao Road that has been closed for three months has been reopened by the permission of the Kachin Independence Army and the Myanmar Tatmadaw. 

The Myitkyina-Putao Road has been closed since 9th March, 2024 because of the battles between the Myanmar Tatmadaw and the KIA. So, basic food shortages and high prices  occurred.

At present, philanthropic cars have been allowed to use the road and foodstuffs have been permitted to be carried in a limited number of cars, Ko Shwe Htike, a resident of Putao, told CNI News.

" For the time being, small philanthropic cars have been allowed to carry foodstuffs in a limited number of cars. Passengers have not been allowed yet. Cars are entering Putao. I heard that they sell foodstuffs at a low price. It will be helpful to an extent, I think." he said.

The trucks that will go to Putao could be convenient only if they have a letter on which the signature by the minister for security and border affairs has been signed reportedly.

Basic foodstuffs could be carried and fuel has not been allowed reportedly. At present, fuel is bought from India and China and re-sold, so the price of fuel has declined a little. 

While seeing traffic on Putao-Myitkyina road

Although the price was 100,000 kyats per liter in the past, now the price is 40,00 kyats for 700 ml, Ko Dipan, a resident of Putao, told CNI News.

" Now the price of fuel is not over 100,000 kyats per liter. We have to pay 40,000 kyats for 700 ml. Sellers go and buy fuel from China and India. They or their workers carry fuel on their shoulders. It will be the best if the road is opened unconditionally. We depend on the road alone for the flow of goods. If the goods are carried by plane, the cost is too high that those who live from hand to mouth can't buy food." he said

Not only is the flow of goods interrupted, the price of fuel also is skyrocketing. So, small scale industrial enterprise have been suspended. Moreover, human's physical strength is being used for the hill-side cultivation because tractors cannot be used reportedly.

In the transportation sector, locals are travelling on foot or with bullock carts or on bicycle reportedly.