CNI News

13 June 2024

Myanmar corn could be exported more than the three month target after two months, according to the Ministry of Commerce. 

380,000 tons of corn was targeted to be exported during the first three months - April, May and June.  However, 478,000 tons of corn could be exported during the two month until the end of May. 

As Myanmar corn could be exported to Thailand through the Myawaddy border trade route only by truck in the past, a few tons of corn could be exported. However at present, as corn is exported by sea, a lot of tons of corn can be exported.

To be able to export corn to meet the target amount in coming months depended on the weather and the ship's berth, U Thant Zin Tun, vice chairman of the Myanmar Corn Industrial Association, told CNI News.

" In fact, corn is exported by ship in the open season. So, more tons of corn can be exported. Because the corm was exported through the Myawaddy border trade by heavy trucks in the past, many tons could not be exported. Whether the target can be met or not in the coming months depends on the weather and the ship's berth." he said.

While seeing Myanmar corn

Domestic corn is at a good price because at present the price of global corn and of the Thai baht are getting higher. Farmers can sell their corn at 1,400 kyats per viss more that 1,400 kyats per viss they expected reportedly. 

As it was not convenient to use the Myawaddy border trade route, there had been an increase in the use of the Tachileik border trade in eastern Shan State, Ko Sai Kham, a corn trader from Tachileik, told CNI News.

" Corn exports are more than previous years because the Myawaddy birder trade route cannot be used. Corn farmers grew corn more. The price of corn in Tachileik is 47,000 kyats per bag now. The price was just over 30,000 kyats in previous years. But because the road is a little damaged in the rainy season, we have to wait a bit long." he said

Because Thailand has allowed Myanmar corn to be exempt from customs duties from February to August, the Myanmar side is carrying out so as to meet the target in exporting the corn, according to traders.