CNI News

1 April 2024

If Myanmar people who were working in the places that were not designated were arrested by the Malaysian immigration department, it was not easy for them to be released on bail, the people who are helping Myanmar citizens in Malaysia, told CNI News.

If foreigners were arrested in Malaysia, undocumented workers and overstayers only were sent back home. But documented workers who were working in the wrong places were released on bail had to attend court hearings in the past. 
However, later because there are too many people who worked in the wrong places, the restriction like this has been conducted, U Barbu Gyi, a person who is helping Myanmar citizens, told CNI News.

" To tell you the truth, if you have documents and permits and are working in accordance with the documents and permits, there's no problem. Otherwise, if you are working in the different places from those in designated places, you commit a crime. And then, Malaysian authorities will arrest and send you back home. Those who entered illegally, those who have been overstayers after entering legally and those who worked in the wrong places would be arrested and sent them back home, which have been announced by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs." he said.

Migrant workers who are detained

However, if illegal foreigners were arrested by Malaysian police, depending on the case they were charged with, they could carry out to be released, hiring a lawyer. 

However, it was not easy to be released for those who committed two or three crimes such as undocumented case, overstaying and working in wrong places, U Barbu Gyi told CNI News.

If those who worked in the places that are not officially designated were arrested, relevant agents and employers, they would possibly be released if their agents and employers issued transferred assignments and paid fines. However, it was less likely reportedly. Moreover, agents hardly came and solved the problem reportedly.

Malaysian authorities carry out to send those arrested back home without making contacts to relevant agents, U Aung, chairman of the Malaysia-based Yadana Sekka Funeral Service, told CNI News.

" If Malaysian authorities really work, they can find agents. If they phoned the agents, the agent would come. But because most agents here are Malaysian citizens, the authorities ignored and tried to the workers arrested to send back home." he said.

Because most arrests arise due to the complaints of Malaysian citizens, Myanmar citizens who are working in the places that are not mentioned in the documents and permits should be careful, suggested the people who are helping in the affairs of Myanmar citizens in Malaysia.