CNI News

1 April 2024

Dala Township in Yangon Region that experienced water scarcity every year becomes less a little than before, according to locals.

Although the township faced with water scarcity every hot season, there is still some water left in the ponds this year, and because the water is systematically managed in a timely manner, water scarcity has relieved rather than before, U Aye Win, administrator of Raza Thingyan Ward, Dala Township, told CNI News.

" We have systematically managed the ponds. So, the situation hasn't been so bad. We allowed the people to draw the water one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. And then, we study the amount of water. Later, we give the water one hour each day. The water wastage becomes less. In comparison with previous years, we don't find it so difficult." he said. 

Because the ground water in Dala Township is not fresh water, but salt water, people in the township are mainly depending on the rainwater ponds.

While seeing a pond in Dala Township

There are 25 wards in Dala Town, 23 village tracts and 54 villages in the Dala Township whose population is over 162,000.

There are 329 ponds in Dala Township and 124 ponds in the town and 205 ponds in the villages reportedly.

Another pond was dug this year and the pond has been arranged to be a water storage tank, said U Aye Win.

" As a project, another pond has been dug this year. A purified water group donated for the pond. The pond will receive more water in the rainy season. If we get more water, the water will be sufficient for our ward. Later, they will arrange this pond to become a water storage pond and distribute the water." he said.
Although some lakes have already dried up at present, they can still be used. However, If the rains were late, it could be difficult, Ko Moe Kyaw, a Dala resident, told CNI News.

While people are drawing water from a pond in Dala Township

" We can definitely say the situation 15 or 20 days later. If the rains were late, it wouldn't be convenient. The ponds have become shallow. The current situation has not been so bad." he said.

Although water donors tend to come and donate the water to Dala Township every year, they haven't come this year reportedly. 

Water donors are not allowed to donate independently this year and they can donate only after letting ward or village administrators know. So, water donors possibly don't come, said Dala residents.

When the ponds dry up, if the water donors don't come, locals might buy purified water.