CNI News

28 March 2024

Over 300 Myanmar people who did the jobs that Thai citizens only have been allowed to do were arrested during past six months, reported Thai media. 

Because of of doing the jobs that have been designated for the Thai citizens from October 2023 to 18th March 2024, the number of foreign migrant workers who were arrested was 721 and among them, 316 Myanmar people were included.

The reason why they were arrested was because the Thai citizens complained, U Min Oo, in charge of labor affairs from the FED, told CNI News.

While seeing a service business on the roadside

" Because the Thai citizens complained, arrests emerged. For example, you sell Myanmar products, in fact you are not allowed to sell Myanmar goods, but if you don't compete their market, it's not a big problem. But if you sell the Thai products, they are not pleased with you. And then they complain to the authorities. The problem emerges. Selling goods is just for their citizens." he said.

However, although some Myanmar people are selling goods under the name of a Thai citizen after bribing the Thai authorities, when the Thai citizens complain, the Myanmar people are taken action against.

Restrictions on migrant workers regarding employment should be reformed in the law relating to migrant workers, migrant workers organizations in Thailand have demanded the Thai government, Ko Naing Aung Aung, director of the Arakan Workers Organization, told CNI News.

The current Thai government is to amend the law relating to migrant workers and it can start after Thingyan or in the coming year. However, whether the points demanded are included in the amendments or not have to be watched, he said.

A restaurant on the roadside

" The Thai authorities were planning to amend the law relating to migrant workers every five years and they said they wanted to get some facts and information from most of the migrant workers and the officials from the department of labor came and met with NGOs and workers. We have suggested them to review the case relating to selling goods. Most of our migrant workers draw their salaries once a month. Sometimes, they have to wait 45 days to draw their salaries. Because they don't make ends meet, they have to buy food on credit. So, if they to have buy food on credit from the Thai shops, it won't be convenient for them. Whether the points that we have demanded will be included in the amendments of the law relating to migrant workers must be watched." said Ko Naing Aung Aung, director of the Arakan Workers Organization.

Most of the foreigners who do the jobs of the Thai citizens are found in Bangkok and there are also some foreigners who do the jobs of the Thai citizens in Phukhet,   Koh Samui, Pattaya, Chiangmai and Mae Sot regions reportedly.

Most of those who were arrested were doing the selling goods on roadside, the haircut, the driving vehicles and the body massage, according to the Thai government.