CNI News

28 March 2024

There will be battles as long as other armed groups are in the territory of the Pa-O National Organization (PNO), Saw Khun Kyaw Win from the PNO, told CNI News.

The PNO has ruled the Pa-O region after it was designated as the Special Region-6. However, about two months ago, because other armed groups entered the PNO's territory, battles broke out, said Saw Khun Kyaw Win who is serving in the PNO's party.

" The Special Region-6 has been formed according to the peace agreement between the then-government and the PNO in 1991. Regarding the territory, there are agreements among the armed groups. Since the State Administration Council has take power, the PNO has carried out for the security of Pa-O region only, But since the two years ago, another armed group entered the Special Region-6 and battles broke out. The PNO has to defense its territory. We regard all ethnic organizations as our friends. We have collaborated with successuve union governments. We don't change the policy. If the other armed groups were not in the Special Region-6, the problems would be resolved. If there are the other ethnic armed groups, battles will be breaking out." he said.

While seeing a PNLO comrade

The battles began between the PNO and the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA)/ the Pa-O National Liberation Organization (PNLO) and the battles are breaking out up to now. 

The current battles are not between the Pa-O nationalities but to end the military dictatorship, Khun Wai Tun, secretary-2 of the Pa-O National Federal Council (PNFC), told CNI News.

" The current battles are not the ones breaking out in the Pa-O region alone, but they are also being waged by the entire people to end the military dictatorship. They are the battles breaking out across the country." he said.

While seeing a place that had burnt in the Pa-O region

At present, the battles are breaking out between the PNO and the PNLO/allies joint forces in Hsi Hseng, Pinlaung and Hopong. Because the directions between the leaders  of the two Pa-O ethnic armed groups are different, she doesn't think that the negotiation will be convenient, a Pa-O youth told CNI News.

“U Aung Kham Hti, leader of the PNO and U Khun Okka, patron of the PNLO _ although there was a contact between the two leaders, the chairman of the PNLO said that the PNLO would participate in the Spring Revolution. It was not convenient. There might be complexity between the two groups, I think." she said.

Because the PNO made peace with the Tatmadaw, the Pa-O region was designated as the Special Region-6. After that, the PNO formed the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone that contains Pinlaung, Hsi Hseng and Hopong Townships and has been ruling the region.