CNI News
2 March 2024

Pu K Vanlalvena, a member of parliament of Mizoram State, India met and discussed with officials of the Arakan Army about the construction of road, The Lairam Time, a regional media in Mizoram reported.


They met and discussed somewhere near the border on 29th February, 2024 reportedly.

They mainly discussed about building the road that would pass between Mizoram State and Paletwa Township and the MP studied the path to be constructed reportedly. At present, the AA has seized control of Paletwa Township after fighting against the Tatmadaw and is establishing administration.

India was implementing the Kaladan River Project that contain from Mizoram State to Sittwe through Paletwa Township. However, India is facing losses due to the suspension of the project as a result of battles between the Tatmadaw and the AA.

After that, India needed to discuss with the AA for restarting the project and the reconstruction of the paths included in the project.