CNI News
2 March 2024

If Myanmar citizens who have held certificates of identity (CIs) have got passports, they could stay and work in Thailand as MoU workers, Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok has stated.


If passports were taken, Myanmar citizens would have to contact to the office of the Labor Commissioner with a factory/workshop arrangement. And then, they could continue to carry out to register as MoU workers reportedly.

In the past, when passports were issued to those with CIs, they were allowed to stay and work officially in Thailand. But they could not carry out to register in the list of MoU workers. But those with CI can carry out to register in the list of MoU workers. So, it could affect overseas employment agencies, Ko Thargyi who is helping in the affairs of migrant workers, told CNI News.


While seeing a CI book

"There will be negative consequences for Myanmar agencies. Some Myanmar people may enter Thailand illegally and they will make CI and then Baht Pink Cards. They will make MoU through CI. Local overseas employment agencies can't find jobs although they have deposited several hundred thousands. They don't get demand letters. If you submit a demand letter, it will take you long. So, it will be delayed in calling workers. They can lose deposits. They have to pay rental fee for office, salaries for staff and so on." he said.

This program arose after Myanmar officials, Thai authorities and Thai entrepreneurs negotiated and agreed in order to enable Myanmar workers to work with official documents reportedly.


Currently, the number of Myanmar workers working with CI in Thailand is over one million and the program will apply to all Myanmar workers reportedly.

Myanmar workers

" In the past, the purpose of issuing CI was just for a period of identity verification. They had to be using this before they got passports But now a worker with CI can contact the office of Labor Commissioner to become an MoU worker. He can choose to work as an MoU worker through an agent. Otherwise, he can do the current job with official documents." said U Min Oo, in charge of labor affairs from the FED to CNI News.

As per submission of factories/workshops, officials will go to the factories and workshops where Myanmar workers with CI are working with mobile team to collect information about the workers. And then passports will be issued reportedly.

Myanmar workers have to make CI books through brokers and it costs them about 10,000 bahts. The program is a way to collect taxes from legal workers, those who are helping in the affairs of migrant workers, review.