CNI News
18 September 2023

As cargo water vehicles plying between Monywa/Mandalay and Homlin often suspend due to the instability in the area, there is a shortage of commodities in Homalin and commodity prices are skyrocketing, said Homalin residents.

At present, because water vehicles are re-running, although commodity prices are falling again, when the water vehicles suspended, commodity prices went up three times and in August an egg was paid up to 1,500 kyats, said Ma Shwe Yi Aye, a Homalin resident, to CNI News.

" Commodity prices are quite high. Fuel prices are greatly rising. One litre is paid 6,000 kyats. Last month, we had to pay 1,500 kyats for an egg. But now only when fast ships re-enter, three eggs are paid one thousand kyats. When the cars and ships don't enter, the prices go up three times. When they re-enter, the prices fall a little. Last month, there was a complete shortage of eggs. If you wanted to buy an egg for 1,500 kyats, you couldn't find any place that sells eggs. Even when the gasoline went up till 7,500 kyats per litre, there was no one to sell it. The shops had been closed." she said.

Waterways and roads that transport goods to Homalin city have been frequently closed  due to the battles breaking out along the way and motor roads have been closed for one month or so reportedly. Although fast ships that run from Monywa to Homalin re-ran a few days ago, they would be suspended for five days, said Homalin residents.

The fast ships running between Monywa and Homalin tend to suspend 15 days a month reportedly.

Because waterways have been closed at present, she would have to wait for the time when the waterways are re-open to take goods that had been bought to sell them again, said Nam Kham who has opened a store in Nam Daw Village, to CNI News.

" You can't make money easily. If you invested a lot, you would make a lot of profit. When freight charges, tricycle fees, and the gate fees are paid, the prices go up a bit. We have to buy a thing. We had to pay 2,500 kyats at 3,000 kyats now. We sell a thing at 3,500 kyats that was bought at 3,000 kyats. The motor boats suspend for about 10 days, commodities don't arrive here quite soon. The prices of the goods left go up any more. Now the motor boats will be suspended for five days. We have goods that were previously bought. The new goods we have bought will be sent to us in the next few days. I heard so." said Nam Kham.  

Rather than in Homalin, the villages in the township are suffering from higher prices. In August, there was a shortage of commodities in the villages and the price of an egg was up to 2,000 kyats.

In the same way, the price of CP chicken was 40,000 to 60,000 kyats per viss (1 viss=3.6lb) reportedly. Moreover, In Homalin Township, where private household meters are being used, although one unit of meter was paid 2,000 kyats, now the price has been 2,110 kyats, said locals.