CNI News
June 19, 2023

There are debates between ethnic elements and political circle relating to what kind of federalism should be chosen for Myanmar. Federalism is being applied in various forms in the world and it would be easy to apply the federalism which is being used by India, said U Ye, Myanmar politics analyst to CNI.  

" Our 2008 Constitution is pretty close to Indian constitution and its federalism. A federalism has three kinds and first kind is based on geography and the second is based on ethnic and third is integrated system. India uses integrated system.

Some states represent the name of an ethnic. Some states represent geographic or regional names. Myanmar's 2008 constitution is the same as that system. Some states represent the names of ethnics and some regions represent geographic regions. So, 2008 consitution of Myanmar is pretty close to that of India.

A workshop on Indian federalism that was held on 8th June 2023   

If the constitution is amended to be the same as the Indian style, it will be easy" he said. A workshop on federalism that is used in India was held from 6th to 8th June, where seven NCA signatories, SAC delegates and Indian delegates met.  

When the country is built as a federal union in the future, More rights than now should be given to ethnic people, said Li Paw Reh, Lisu National Development Party, to CNI.

" We will be more peaceful only when the central government will control a few important sectors and the rest authorities will be given to states and regions in the federal union that we will build in the future. Some want confederacy. But the federal union giving lots of authorities to states and regions will be more convenient, I think"  

A workshop on Indian federalism that was held on 8th June 2023   

Their ethnic armed group is studying federal systems and they have had preparations for the federal structure, sadi Daw Mya Yarzar Lin, chairperson of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) to CNI.

"Our ethnic armed organizations have studied federal systems of Switzerland, Germany and USA. We have made prepararions taking out suitable facts that can match up with our country. There is a federal structure that our twelve EAOs have prepared.But we are still discussing about 23 facts" she said.

88 countries including USA, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, India, Nipal and Sri lanka, are practising federalism in various forms.