CNI News

17 July 2022

People were confused about the announcement of China to halt permission to take out goods that were stuck in China and rumours spread that China-Myanmar border trade would be closed on 15 July but China-Myanmar border trade is being conducted as usual, Vice Chairman U Min Thein of Muse Rice Commodity Exchange told the CNI.

“It has been about two years since about 600 truckloads of goods were stuck in warehouses in Jiegao. The goods were allowed to be taken back from Jiegao to Ruili, from Ruili to Wantain and Kyin San Kyawt gate. Goods stuck in Chin Shwe Haw were also allowed to be taken back. Chinese authorities allowed this for two months and announced on 14th July that they would halt the permission temporarily as of 15th July. The Kyin San Kyawt border gate is open for entry as well as for departure,” he said.

Goods stuck in Jiegao and Wantain were allowed to be brought back as of 23rd May and the permission has been suspended now.

About 100 truckloads of goods are traded at Kyin San Kyawt gate daily and Jiegao gate is closed, truck driver Ko Thant Zin from Muse said.

“Border trade is open. About 100 truckloads of goods are traded daily recently. Chinese authorities just closed the road from Jiegao to Wantain,” he told the CNI.

As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Chinese authorities have closed border gates in Chin Shwe Haw, Jiegao, Muse and Mant Wain but Kyin San Kyawt gate is still open for border trade.