CNI News

18 June 2024

There were onion cultivations in Meiktila District, Mandalay Region and by carrying out to improve the yield of onion, it could help regional and national economies a lot, Sr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, chairman of the State Administration Council (SAC). 

He said the above while he was meeting with elders of the town and departmental officials.

After carrying out to improve the yield of onion, it could exported to local and abroad; moreover, onion-based value-added products could be produced; so onion should be produced and sold all the year round, urged Sr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing.

Although there were onion cultivations in Meiktila District many years ago, it could produce 80 vises. 

However, starting from the last 3 years, locals have been expanding cultivation in the district and at present, the onion yield of the district has been the same as those of Myingyan and Pakokku Districts, U Aung Myint, an onion trader from Myingyan, told CNI News.

" Onion was cultivated on a small scale many years ago, but since three years ago, locals from Meiktila, Pyawbwe, Thaedaw and Wundwin have been expanding onion cultivation. Onion was not cultivated in Thaedaw and Wundwin Townships. Now the onion production of these regions, Pyawbwe and Meiktila has been the same as those of Myingyan and Pakokku districts. There are creeks in Taungtha and Myingyan Townships and there are not creeks in Thaedaw and Wundwin, but the quality of the onions from Thaedaw and Wundwin is even better." he said.

While seeing Myanmar onion

Summer onion only is grown in Meiktila District and locals start growing it in December and it is produced in March reportedly. 

Myanmar onion is being exported to China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Fried onion is being produced as a value-added product and distributed all over the country by the lakh viss reportedly.

Some businessmen were exporting fried onion to foreign countries, U Thaung Naing, an onion trader, told CNI News.

"As a finished product of onion, the main is fried onion. First, onion is dried. And then it is fried. And then fried onion is exported. The fried onion that is being sold within the country is the export reject and the fried onion produced in Magway, Mandalay and Sagaing Regions that is distributed all over the country is about 100,000 vises." he said.

Although Sr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing urged locals to grow onion in Meiktila District for availability throughout the year, because the amount of water available from the creeks was low, the lack of rainfall and the fields were higher, it might be difficult to grow onion in the rainy season, said onion farmers. 

Moreover, if rainfed onion was grown, the yield might be lower and it could affect the yield of summer onion, they said.