CNI News

15 May 2024

Although the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) has opened the Namkham-Naung Taung border gate, a China-Myanmar border gate, businessmen and politicians are asking a question how the TNLA is opening the border trade gate on which agreement. 

Although the Namkham-Naung Taung border gate has been opened since 29th April, it was not officially opened with the permission from the Chinese government. However, it was opened for the regional public livelihood only, Lwei Yay Oo, spokesperson of the TNLA, told CNI News.

" We didn't open the gate with the permission from China but for the regional public livelihood. But not much trading yet. It's necessary to negotiate with the Chinese government to officially open." she said.

While seeing Namkham Town

Basic foodstuffs and construction materials are being imported from China through the Namkham border gate and  regionally produced sugarcane, corn, charcoal and metal are being exported to China from Namkham reportedly.

Although that border gate has been opened, it is not easy for the people from other regions; bridges that were damaged by the battles along the border trade route have not been repaired as yet; so it is not easy to carry goods from the mainland, according to traders.

Opening the Namkham border gate was beneficial to the Namkham locals only and it was necessary to open Sinphyu Gate, Man Wein Gate and Nandaw Gate for other locals, Ko Thitsar, a trader, told CNI News.

While seeing the SSPP force

" It's not easy for the people from Muse to pass the Namkham gate. Namkham has been controlled by the TNLA. It's unlikely to go there safely. The people from Muse don't go to Namkham. In fact, if they open border gates, Sinphyu, Man Wein and Nandaw Gates also should be opened." he said.

The Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) was collecting tac at the Namkham-Naung Taung border gate last month and it is unclear how the two EAOs have negotiated. Moreover, there have been territorial disputes and administrational struggles between the two EAOs.