CNI News
3 April 2024

Maj.Shan Kham Aung aka Maj.Shan Aung from the Eastern Naga National Organization/Eastern Naga Defense Army (ENNO/ENDA), a Naga EAO, was shot dead by the security forces of the Tatmadaw at 4:30 p.m. on 2nd April 2024.

While Maj.Shan Aung was asking for money from the motorcars together with a comrade from the ENNO/ENDA near Sone Zee Yar restaurant at the entrance to Lao Ngauk Village between Khamti Township and Lahe Township, security forces came and shot him dead.

“After that, the security forces seized an MA pistol, a bullet box, four 9 mm rounds, a national verification card and 70,000 kyats reportedly. While he was asking drivers for money, the army arrived. If he avoids the soldiers, nothing will happen. When he went head to head, he was shot dead." a person close to the ENDA/ENNO told CNI News.

While seeing the NVC card and a gun of Major Shan Aung


Although CNI News contacted the ENDA/ENNO regarding the death of Major Shan Aung, it has not got in touch with the organization. The name mentioned in the NVC of Major Shan Aung was Shan Kham Aung.

Major Shan Aung beat seven locals from Badoomon Village including a three-year child in Khamti Township, Sagaing Region on 23rd January 2023 after which the ENDA suspended him for six months reportedly.

Major Shan Aung was serving as the commander of the Khamti Column in the ENDA/ENNO and he had served in the NSCN-K as well. Col. Aung Sai, who was dismissed from the NSCN-K, led and founded the ENDA/ENNO with the help of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). At present, the headquarters of the ENDA/ENNO is located in Laiza, Kachin State.

In collaboration with the Naga People's Defense Force (NPDF) and the KIA, the ENDA/ENNO is fighting against the Tatmadaw every so often.