CNI News

2 April 2024

Because it is not easy to carry goods from other regions to Paletwa, Mindat, Matupi and Samee Townships in southern Chin State, locals have to rely on the goods coming from India, according to Paletwa residents. 

Due to the battles breaking out in Rakhine State at present, it is not convenient to carry the goods from Kyauktaw to Paletwa. So, Paletwa locals have to buy and carry the goods from India, U Kyaw Khin, a Paletwa resident, told CNI News.

" Because we, staffs, can't transfer our money to Paletwa from Yangon, firstly we sent the money to Thailand. And then the money has to be sent to India from Thailand. The money is changed to Myanmar kyats in India and people in Paletwa have to receive Myanmar kyats. The people in southern Chin State have to buy and carry goods from India. Transportation is not good for the time being. We can't transport goods from Kyauktaw. We are depending on the goods from India alone." he said.  

While seeing villages along Kaladan River

Locals from Mindat and Matupi Townships in southern Chin State are relying on the goods from Nagaland and Mizoran States in India. The locals from southern Chin State bouught and consumed the goods coming from Pakokku Townships in the past. However, because of territorial instabilities at present, they have to use Indian goods.

Although Paletwa locals bought and used a small amount of the Indian goods by waterway last year while battles were breaking, at present they have to be using the goods more than before, U Htay Win, a resident of Paletwa, told CNI News.

While seeing villages along Kaladan River

" In the past, because necessary goods entered from Kyauktaw, this route going to the Indian border was not used so much because boats capsized in the past. But as the route going to Kyauktaw is closed, the route going to the border is being used more." he said.

Consumer goods are mainly imported from India, and foodstuff, medicine, rice and edible oil are also imported reportedly. If a person goes to India by waterway, it will cost him 60,000 kyats and if he carries goods, it will cost him 100,000 kyats reportedly.