CNI News
17 February 2024

The delegation whom the Northwestern Command of the Tatmadaw asked for help and sent met and discussed the peace process with two Naga ethnic armed groups, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang/Ang Mai (NSCN-K/AM) and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang/Yung Aung (NSCN-K/YA), according to those close to the two groups.


The Northwestern Command asked for help to retired Lt-Col Rosanjuwho, a Naga ethnic, who used to serve a military strategist in Khamti and officials from the Naga Traditional Culture Center and sent them to the NSCN-K/YA and the NSCN-K/AM in order to discuss territorial stability and peace process.

" It's right that they met and discussed. The Tatmadaw's delegation met and discussed with the delegation of the NSCN-K/AM in Khamti. Detailed agreements have not yet been reached. The formation of militia was mainly discussed. The Tatmadaw's delegation separately discussed with the delegation of the NSCN-K/YA." said a person who is close to the two Naga ethnic armed groups to CNI News.

The Naga Social Council of Nagaland-Khaplang/Ang Mai (NSCN-K/A/M) led by Ang Mai and the Tatmadaw's delegation that contains Rosanju and delegates from the Naga traditional organization met and discussed in Khamti on 5th February 2024.

While seeing the NSCN-K/AM

The Tatmadaw's delegation discussed to cooperate territorial stability, form militia and collaborate regional development and the NSCN-K/AM accepted the discussion in principle and asked which places the Tatmadaw would allow it to govern reportedly.

The discussion between the Tatmadaw and the NSCN-K/AM was positive and the details needed to be discussed again, a person who was close to the Naga Traditional Culture Center and Naga ethnic armed groups told CNI News, adding that it had not been easy to reach an agreement with NSCN-K/YA.
" We heard that the NSCN-K/AM accepted the Tatmadaw's attitude. But the NSCN-K/YA doesn't accept. If the Tatmadaw force to make them become militia, they said they would respond. According to the understanding with the Tatmadaw, they want to go on like this. But they are still negotiating. We have to watch what will happen next." he said.

The discussion with the NSCN-K/YA was conducted by the Tatmadaw by sending its delegation to a military camp of the NSCN-K/YA reportedly.

Although the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) was built in 1980, as there were disagreements among the leaders, in 1989, the faction led by U Khaplang was based on the Myanmar side and the faction led by Isak Chishi Swu and Muivah was based on the Indian side.


When the NSCN-K/YA stated that it has expelled Ang Mai and Lang Nyei

After the death of U Khaplang in 2017, vice chairman U Kham Ngor was appointed as the chairman of the NSCN-K in 2018. However, he was overthrown on 17th August that year and U Yung Aung was appointed as the chairman of the NSCN-K.

After U Kham Ngor was deposed from the chairmanship, he left for India with a few of his troops and made peace with India in 2020.


After that, U Yung Aung expelled deputy chief of staff Lt-Gen Nikisumi, Minister Star Swam, and chief of staff Nyamlang from the NSCN-K/YA on 29th July 2020.


Nikisumi formed the NSCN-K/NK and made peace with the Indian Government on 8th September 2021.

In the same way, U Yung Aung expelled U Ang Mai and U Lan Nyei from the NSCN-K/YA in July, 2023 and warned them to surrender after cancelling the establishment of new organization.


While seeing the ENDA force

At present, U Ang Mai built the NSCN-K/AM and it has been active for the liberation of Naga nationalities as a Naga ethnic armed group.


And the battles tend to break out between the NSCN-K/AM and the NSCN-K/YA.

On the other hand, former NLD MPs and U Aung Sai who was dismissed from the NSCN-K formed the Eastern Naga National Organization (ENNO)/ Eastern Naga Defense Army (ENDA) with the help of the KIA.