CNI News
19 November 2023

As the country is facing with crises in politics, economy and peace due to the current battles breaking out in the country, a question is emerging among the political circles in relation to how the Tatmadaw would handle the crises.

The armed conflict has become more widespread due to the political landscape that changed after 1st February 2021.

After that, the Three Brotherhood Alliance (AA, TNLA and MNDAA) is waging battles capturing towns and cities during the Operation-1027 started on 27th October 2023.

In the same way, armed forces called PDF (the People's Defense Force) are waging battles capturing towns and cities. If the Tatmadaw could not control these situations, EAOs probably would demand confederation higher than federalism, Col.Khun Okka, an EAO leader, told CNI News.

While meeting senior military officials from the Tatmadaw at the 8th anniversary celebration of the NCA

" If the Tatmadaw cannot control, some EAOs could demand confederation. But it needs to be nationwide. If all the stakeholders want federalism, we have to use federalism. It might be difficult if some EAOs want confederation." he said.

The Arakan Army (AA) and the Tatmadaw that ceased fire in sympathy with the public harm resume fighting on 13th November.

The Tatmadaw might be able to control these situations, Dr.Aung Myo, a Myanmar political commentator, told CNI News.

" It depends on the Tatmadaw. In my opinion, the Tatmadaw hasn't done anything innovative. It would be able to control many situations if it armed those supporting the Tatmadaw with weapons. It's hard to say what the Tatmadaw will do next for the time being. I think they will understand what they will do." said Dr.Aung Myo.

The battles are breaking out between the Tatmadaw and the revolutionary forces including some EAOs in Kayin, Kayah, Chin, Shan (north), Rakhine States, Sagaing and Magway Regions.