CNI News

7 Dec 2022

The National Unity Government issued a statement on 5th December, vowing to investigate the murder of a woman in a street in Tamu in Sagaing Region and take action against those who committed the crime.

Instructions have been given to military officers to investigate the details as to whether the PDFs were involved in the crime or not, according to the statement.

The NUG statement said, "As the incident is completely unacceptable under military ethics and rules, an investigation will be launched into the incident and action will be taken effectively against whoever involved in it."

The NUG.

People Defence Forces are required to abide by military laws and instructions in launching anti-terrorist and people's resistance war, the statement stated.

Such incidents took place only in Sagaing Region but the NUG has been unable to take action against them effectively, Political Observer U Than Soe Naing told the CNI.

He told the CNI, "The NUG said that such problems must be prevented from happening. However, the NUG does not have such a mechanism but it is impossible for the NUG not to take action against the murder. It said it will take necessary action against such incidents to prevent division and differences among the NUG. Such incidents had happened in Sagaing but effective action could not be taken against them because the NUG lacks investigation mechanism and detention centres. However, the NUG said it was unacceptable and must be prevented. I understand that the NUG will take action against the murder appropriately."

An archway to Tamu.

The NUG said it had investigated the violation of the military ethic and taken action against them but it was difficult to reveal the details, he added.

The NUG said it would monitor the situation not to repeat such incidents in an accountable manner with the aim of building the future federal democracy union, according to the statement.

Physically abusing and killing a woman in the street in Tamu showed the threat against women rights, according to women rights activists.