CNI News

16 Nov 2022

Myanmar migrants have been warned of protests and travel to other districts they are not allowed to go to, labour activists for Myanmar migrant workers told the CNI.

The summit is scheduled from 16 to 19 November and Thai democracy activists, oppositions, labour and feminist activists are planning to stage protests.

As a result, security has been tightened in the venue of the APEC and related areas in Bangkok.

Preparations for the APEC Summit. (GETTY IMAGES)

Ko Thar Gyi, who has been offering assistance to Myanmar migrant workers, told the CNI, " Thai authorities have announced this officially, the oppositions can secure the release of their citizens who are involved in illegal protests on bail. However, if Myanmar migrants involve in the protest of the opposition, legal action will be taken against them because they are not Thai citizens. The summit is an important one for Thailand, security has been tightened in border areas. Even if labour activists want to stage protests for their rights, they are required to seek permission from authorities."

Thai authorites have announced that legal action will be taken against protestors who come to Bangkok from other provinces during the summit.

Thai authorities are closely monitoring Myanmar migrant workers associations, Consultant U Aung Kyaw of the Migrant Workers Rights Network told the CNI.

He said, "As we are one of the entities which have been pressured by Thai authorities, we can't do anything. They have been pressuring us repeatedly. Don't go to the protests. They will accuse us of tarnishing the image of the country in such an important occasion. As we have been at the forefront of the public movement, they are pressuring us. Those who live in Bangkok may do something else. However, we do not encourage people from other provinces to go to Bangkok as they can be deported to Myanmar. Individuals and organizations are urged to take the issue seriously."

Myanmar migrant workers. (GETTY IMAGES)

U Min Oo of the FED echoed the similar view.

He told the CNI, "Migrant workers are required to bring all official documents if they have to go to other provinces. They should prepare for contacts with their employers and friends. They are now searching not only Myanmar migrants but also for other nationals. It is more important for them to take extra care than before."

Thai authorities have tightened security since October for the summit and been launching stop and check operations.